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Last Home Sale

  • Multi-family
  • Original Price $419,900
  • Sales Price $410,000
  • Sold on 07-31-2014

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  • Single Family
  • $1,500,000

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  • Single Family
  • $109,245

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Salem Home Sales

89 homes and condos were sold in Salem during the previous 5 months with an average sales price of $334,997 and with a typical Days on Market of 83, these homes had an average yearly tax bill of $4,404. The average square footage on these homes was 1,920. These homes on average sold above their average assessed value of $278,411

5 Months Sales History

  • $353,731 Average Original Price
  • $334,997 Average Sales Price
  • $278,411 Average Assessed Value
  • $4,404 Average Yearly Tax Bill
  • 1,920 Average Square Foot
  • 83 Days on Market
  • 89 Homes/Condos Sold last 5 Months

Salem Average Monthly Home Sales Price

Recent Home and Condo Sales in Salem, MA

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Street Sales Date Type Beds Square Ft Sales Price
Irving Street07-31-2014Multi-family home82000 Ft$410,000
Winter Street07-31-2014Multi-family home1692 Ft$198,500
Endicott Street07-31-2014Multi-family home42144 Ft$316,000
Laurent Rd07-31-2014Multi-family home1532 Ft$135,000
Winter Island Rd07-31-2014Single Family Home31831 Ft$500,000
Tybee Ln07-31-2014Single Family Home21955 Ft$247,000
Harbor St07-31-2014Single Family Home31076 Ft$165,000
Chestnut St07-31-2014Single Family Home53284 Ft$725,000
Bow Street07-31-2014Single Family Home21109 Ft$236,500
Gallows Hill Rd07-31-2014Single Family Home32242 Ft$316,000